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Welcome to the first ever Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends claim community.
If you would like to help with the list please contact me.
I'd be happy to have some other mods around helping.
Since I'm the owner I have only one claim request because I absolutely adore him so much, I claim Eduardo.

*GOOD NEWS* We are making "i claimed" banners, my Eduardo one is made by the very talented janey

So here's what I'm thinking as far as how to go about this, if you would like a banner for your claim, please make sure to ask in your claim request. IF you already have a claim and want a banner put in subject "CLAIM BANNER REQUEST" and then which claim you want on your picture. Also feel free to request certain designs you like such as color preferences etc.

Rules, and advertising banners, please make sure to read rules before making a claim request.

**Eduardo lj layout made by bloopassion**

Blooregard Q. Kazoo ccmars
Eduardo vampwill
Cheese xsthree
Mr. Herrimansave_the_stage
Wilt xlolita_complex
Madam Foster raven_talon288
Frankie Fosterfayoreix2
Berry ty_ohni
Duchess xellinamazoku
Mac donatello
Ringo Rango("Who Let The Dogs In," "Everyone Knows It's Bendy" and "Cuckoo For Coco Cards") falasama
Where's Wally?- mom_o_cass
Bloo that speaks Chinese, from "Bus the Two of Us"- aurah
Foofy Wuggums from "Good Wilt Hunting"itjustwontstop
Jackie Khonesanimestewie
Uncle Pockets
Dillon- suave guy from Frankie My Dear
Princy(Prissy)- Frankie My Dear
Pizza boy(Chris)- Frankie My Dear
Goofball Mcgee or John- Foster's Home for Make 'Em Up Pals
Imaginary Man
Artie(Madamm foster's costume)- "I Only have Surprise for You"
Mac with purple spotted tongue-"Bus the Two of Us"
"Bugs Bunny Herriman"- "Bus the Two of Us"

Season 1
"House of Bloo's"
"Store Wars"
"The Trouble With Scribbles" xlolita_complex
"Dinner is Swerved"
"World Wide Wabbit" secreteggshells
"Berry Scary"
"Seeing Red"
"Phone Home"
"Who Let The Dogs In?"
"Adoptcalypse Now"
"Bloooooo!" floxis
Season 2
"Partying Is Such Sweet Soireé"
"The Big Lablooski"- mom_o_cass
"When There's a Wilt, There's a Way" bloopassion
"Everyone Knows It's Bendy" xellinamazoku
"Sight for Sore Eyes"
"Bloo's Brothers"
"Cookie Dough"
"Frankie My Dear" vampwill
"Mac Daddy" raven_talon288
"Beat With A Schtick"
"Sweet Stench of Success"
"Bye Bye Nerdy" janey
"Bloo Done It"
"My So-Called Wife" secreteggshells
Season 3
"Eddie Monster"
"Hiccy Burp"
"Camp Keep a Good Mac Down"
"Imposter's Home For Um…Make 'Em Up Pals" secreteggshells
"Duchess of Wails"
"Fosters Goes To Europe"
"Go Goo Go" ty_ohni
"Crime After Crime"
"Land of the Flea"
"One False Movie"
"Setting A President"
"Room With A Feud"
"Cuckoo for Coco Cards"
Season 4
"Challenge of the SuperFriends"
"The Big Picture" tobimonkee
"Squeeze The Day"
"Neighbor Pains"
"Infernal Slumber" vindemi
"I Only Have Surprise for You"
"Bus the Two of Us"
"The Big Cheese" vindemi
"Bloo's the Boss"
"Make-Believe It Or Not"
"Emancipation Complication"
Season 5
"Good Wilt Hunting" hain185
Cheese A Go-Go
The Buck Swaps Here subzeroace
Say It Isn't Sew
Something Old Something Blue
The Bloo Super Dude, Magic Potato Power
Schlock Star
The Bride to Beat
Affair Weather Friends
Ticket to Rod
Nightmare on Wilson Way subzeroace
Better Off Ed
Holiday eps
"A Lost Claus"

"down with tyranny! Up with...nontyranny!"(said by Bloo) episode- "The Trouble With Scribbles"ty_ohni

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo: [Bloo becames angry at the Duchess and rushes her] That's it!
Mac: Bloo! No!
[runs after Bloo and stops him, but the Duchess opens up a trap door under them]
Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo: Trap door?
Mac: Yep.
Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo: I hate this house! -from "Dinner is Swerved" ty_ohni

Mac: Bloo, you'd better stay away from that secret door. You're going to get in trouble.
Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo: Pfft! Secret doors, who needs 'em? What do I care about secret doors?... and the unparalleled delights they keep hidden from the world!
Mac: [slaps Bloo] Let go, man!
Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo: Right, right. It won't happen again.
Mac: I hope not.
Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo: I've got it all under control.
Mac: You'd better.
Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo: No worries. It's the last thing on my mind. Here, let me get that secret door for you, Mac.
Mac: Bloo!- episode "The Trouble with Scribbles" -ty_ohni

"it's hot in topeka"- Bloo, from Squeeze the Day -the_candy_robot

Mac>Wilt, why do you have two backpacks?
Wilt>Oh I don't, this one's Bloo's, he's helping me build upper body strength
Bloo>What? I'm lazy... ::holds out the trail mix bag:: pick the rasins out for me?
Mac>::sighs and takes the bag:: "Camp Keep a Good Mac Down" raven_talon288

Mac, "You did Orlando Bloo, without me?!" ep-"Neighbor Pains"- xsthree

Mac: "Let's bloo this!" janey

Bloo : "Being a burden is great. It's like my... seventh favorite thing to be." bloopassion

[Talking about calling in help to catch a "ghost"]
Wilt: Who are you gonna call?
Coco: Co-coco!
Wilt: They've been out of business for years. From "Bloooooo!"

"I LIKE CHOKLIT MILK!" -Cheese vindemi

"Could I have some fishie crackers?" - Cheese vindemi

"Mac: Aw come on Bloo, try to have a better attitude, it'll be fun! Theres all kinds of cool things to buy!
Frankie: Yeah, you might find something you really like!
*Bloo falls off bus seat*
Mac: Yeah! Like a -BRAIN-!
Frankie: No, seriously, they have those. In little glass jars." - The Buck Swaps Here - subzeroace

Weather Forecaster: As a cold front sweeps in, you can expect showers in Spokane
Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo: Showers in Spokane. Spooo-Caaaahhhnn.
Weather Forecaster: Temperatures are up there, and its hot in Topeka.
Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo: Its hoooooooot in Toooooo-Peeeee-Kaaaaaaahhhh. Its hot. Hot hot. Hot. Hot. *breathes out* Haawwwwt. Hawwwwwt. Its Hot hot hot! Its hot in Topeka! Toe-peker. I'm a toe-pick. I'm a hot toe-picker. Pick my toe, its hot! Pick my hot toe-pick-it! Topeka's hot. My toe is hot. Pick it. Its hot in Topeka. Its hot. It's hot! Its hot. Its Hooooot! Its Hotten, its hotten, its hot in Topeka!- from episode "Squeeze the Day -secreteggshells

Mac: No Edwardo I don't want a cookie.
(Ed hands Mac a cookie)
Now you try.
Bloo: I want a COOoOoOkieeee...
Mac: Wait. Are you being sarcastic?
Bloo: I'm being hUUUngARrrryy.
(at least I think that's about right).- from "My So Called Wife -secreteggshells

"ice charades song" from "Bloo's Brothers" xlolita_complex
Eduardo caling Bloo "azul" episode- "Setting a Pesident"tobimonkee
dancing cacti- "Store Wars"- xixamxsinx
Mr. Herriman's song (Funny Bunny to Sweet lil girlllll)- "World Wide Wabbit"save_the_stage
"Orlando Bloo" episodes- "Frankie my Dear" and "Neighbor Pains"

the imaginary puppies from "Who Let the Dogs In"- gasp_therocket

Lauren is Explorin'- from One False Movie- bloopassion

Bloo as Lord Uniscorn in Challenge of the Superfriends- meggie_sempre

Eduardo's skull belt donatello
Cheese's love for chocolate milkxixamxsinx
Cheese' way of saying 'okay' vindemi
Goo always calling Mr. Herriman a Badger subzeroace

OTP's Frankie and Mac- kinky_carter
Mac and Bloo- kinky_carter

The Foster's House located on 1123 Wilson Way- norashan
Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends THEME song- meggie_sempre
Craig McCracken- CREATOR GOD OF FOSTERS haha
Grey DeLisle .... Frances 'Frankie' Foster/Duchess (voice)- subzeroace
Keith Ferguson .... Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo (voice)- hain185
Tom Kane .... Mr. Herriman (voice)
Tom Kenny .... Eduardo (voice)
Phil LaMarr .... Wilt (voice)
Sean Marquette .... Mac (voice)- hain185
Candi Milo .... Coco/Madame Foster/Cheese (voice)
Tara Strong .... Terrence (voice)

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